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Ok so you are starting out as an REI and just don’t konw where to go or what to do. You have no idea of where to get materials and how to get started. So this page has been built specificially for YOU and other REIs who need a quick start. On this page you will find free content, tutorials as well as free contracts to download. We will also include deals on printing to help out with marketing.

Free Downloads

This is probably the biggest question that faces REI Businesses.  We’ve compiled a strong list of free contracts that you can download here and utilize in your business.  Please seek out LEGAL advice before using any of these documents. All of these documents have been acquired from many sites all over the internet and therefore need to be reviewed and compared with your market.

Marketing Tips

Free Contracts

Free Contracts

Deals on Marketing

Website Design

If you are stuck on getting a website done, here’s a deal you should capitalize on.  This is the company that did our website and as you can see it’s full featured and looks great!  Click the image for more information.

Business cards are a big part of busines.  Here is a great deal on getting some business cards printed and delivered nationwide. Click the image for more infomation.